Tickets 1st Sound Sculptures,  in Berlin
MONOM Presents:

1st Sound Sculptures 18.07.20 in Berlin, MONOM @ Funkhaus Berlin

Saturday 18.07.20
Entrance: 14:00 Uhr, Start: 14:00 Uhr
MONOM @ Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18-50, 12459 Berlin

Tickets for 1st Sound Sculptures Berlin


monom Presents: Sound Sculptures

monoms upcoming Sound Sculpture Gallery series will showcase new virtuosic experiments and sound sculptures of monoms past commissioned works by adventurous and experimental music innovators.

This weekend we will showcase two pieces created during our monom residencies by Alexi Perälä and Abyss X.

How to define a sound sculpture? Are Sound Sculptures collective creations? Reflections of ephemeral moments, only truly existing when heard?

Through its Sound Sculptures Gallery series, monom invites listeners to explore the depths of the unconscious as a creative space. Artists design the landscape of the journey, which takes on a new life when heard and felt with the whole body and engaged with each individual's imagination. 

The listener's presence and attention is what makes these works complete.

For the next few weekends, monom will revisit 9 pieces that have been developed hand in hand with our monom team and artists in residence. Every session will create an intimate environment that welcomes 40 people to be enveloped in darkness within a 48 speaker and 9 subwoofers spatial instrument housed at monom, designed and built by 4DSOUND. Darkness reduces visual interference allowing for a more acute sense of space through sound, an invitation to surrender to the possibility of accessing a vivid alternative reality completed by each individual's own inner visions. 


VERY LIMITED CAPACITY of 40 people per session.

*monom sells 36 tickets online in advance and 4 at the door + tickets that were not sold online

12€ - Each ticket gives access to one session and also to the monom lounge that will be running until 23h - respecting the current restrictions on capacity.



On SATURDAY July 18th and, SUNDAY July 19th, monom is hosting 4 identical Sound Sculptures sessions per day. Each session goes for 2 hours and will showcase 2 artists' pieces with a 15-minute break in between.

Each session will be limited to 40 people, considering the current health guidelines. Guests will be free to move around the studio. We ask that you keep a safe 1.5m distance from your fellow listeners.

For the pleasure of everybody, we ask that guests do not leave during the sessions and do so instead at the breaks between.


1st session 14:00h-16:00h

2nd session 16:00-18:00h

3rd session 18:00-20:00h

4th session 20:00-22:00h



  1. Alexi Perälä  45'

15' Break


  1. Abyss X    45'

15' Break


monom LOUNGE

14h-23h drinks and ambient music selections by monom team


*Guests will not be allowed entry during the sound sculptures

*Guests are welcome to leave at any time but re-entry will not be permitted.

*Drinks from monom lounge are permitted.

*monom is running under current restrictions