Tickets Cinema for the Subconscious,  in Berlin
MONOM Hotel Presents

Cinema for the Subconscious 25.01.20 in Berlin, MONOM @ Funkhaus Berlin

Saturday 25.01.20
Entrance: 24:00, Start: 23:30
MONOM @ Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18-50, 12459 Berlin

Tickets for Cinema for the Subconscious Berlin


Jan 24th, Jan 25th & Feb 1st
Doors: 11:30 pm
Lights out: 00:00 - 8:00 (overnight)

€ 35 - ticket includes a pillow, blanket, mattress and breakfast 

Parallel to CTM, MONOM Hotel will present Cinema for the subconscious a lucid dream experiment whereby the listener will be taken on an overnight journey through hyper-realistic and surreal landscapes… An augmented sonic reality that aims to fuse with your inner worlds - night time in the Amazon, sunset by the ocean, in front of a fire in a cottage in the Andes - these environments will be infused with frequencies and music to stimulate both spatial and emotional responses, placing the listener on the threshold of the real and the imagined, conscious and subconscious.

* Guests will not be allowed entry once the show begins. Guests are welcome to leave at any time but re-entry will not be permitted. 
* Guests are welcome to bring additional bedding to make their stay more comfortable. 
* Outside drinks are permitted.